The Universe and its Creator. Post #1 – the Big Bang.

November 5, 2007

This is first of series of the posts that dedicated to the Creator of Universe.

I consider them as the most important and most controversial. There are many issues to discuss. And all of them will be based on axiom that the Creator is the Supreme Being in any sense. But some other will use words from Torah very literal.

 Every day you should say ‘Thank You’ for your existence. To your parents at least, to all past generations that kept alive your family tree. But if you are not atheist, you should say very big ‘Thank You’ to the Creator of all. For the air and food, for the brain and love, for the sight, if you have it, and for boundless beauty of the World. And for the curiosity that allow us to ask questions. There are no stupid ones; there are only those that we don’t have the right answer.

What proves that there is the Creator? For me – ‘Big Bang’ does. According to this concept the Universe did not exists some big, but limited, number of years ago. Not only laws of physics, chemistry and relativity, even time and space appeared only after creation. And there is no explanation why it happened. Now please think about it. Only few hundred years ago people finally understood that Earth is one of the Solar System planets. The current Big Bang theory was developed in 20th century. Is it easy for you to accept idea that everything created from nothing?  Not, I assume, because it contradicts all your experience. So how to be the first one who said something like this? And nevertheless for more than three thousands years many believed that Universe created from nowhere and in no time. Why? Because according to Torah it happened by will of the Creator. Just imagine what genius wrote it otherwise more than 3000 years ago? Or ask yourself, who will believe on it, if Exodus did not give them such needed proof?

            Yes, you can find another explanations of the phenomenon, but all of them will be much less reasonable.


The Lost World of democracy.

October 16, 2007

Each definition of democracy has its week points. It is not about freedom of speech. Just open your today newspaper and look, who is apologizing for some words or statements or explaining that interpretation of the ones were incorrect. It is not about of freedom of travel. Cuba is still prohibited for American citizen, while open for Canada and Europe. It is not about free and fair elections – in US the small parties don’t have any chances to be represented in the United States Congress. And any efforts to explain it by people preferences or traditions will have the same type of the reasoning as in any country where dictator is the head of state.

Does the head of your family like to make all decisions by majority vote or always easy accept critical statements? I guess, not. Why we should apply to the whole society rules that don’t work for the family?In current common sense democracy is about levels of practical limitation for the government to deal with its single citizen. It is not a secret that most governments can do anything with any individual and show it from time to time. But we’re talking how high or low those limitations are and how often and easy power exceed those limitations. Any protection of freedoms has its boundaries. They defined by very small group of government related entities. The same powerful people are creating the law, making interpretation or enforce it. And any parliamentary democracy can easily migrate to dictatorship, as Germany did in 1930’s. This is the reality of our life and we have to deal with it.Purpose of this post is not to discuss the definitions and glory past of democracy or finding stains, which by the way are very big and dirty, on its banner. It is more about what can we expect from the future. Let’s compare western democracy to China of the beginning of the 21st century. The only major difference in terms of the people rights and freedoms – you cannot criticize the government or vote against it. You can travel, exchange information, made business and your own decision about future life, if it does not contradict to interests of the Chinese government. Please, don’t forget that China is the example of the country, where for few thousand years (with very small exceptions for revolutions or war for less then 0.5 of percent of time) government was always right by definition. So why change the traditions? Western mentality for last few hundred years not just introduced, but also follows the very controversial practice, when you publicly show your disrespect to the government and its decisions, but still obey them. Most of the world would not able to follow this practice. Many countries like Russia, Japan and India are playing this game with national accent.  It is not natural to them either, but it will continue while the ‘free’ world has the power. And all efforts to promote democracy as universal society therapy will cause only really big headaches.Let’s talk about United States. White men of Western European descent had introduced democracy using very nice words. We remember them by heart – “All [white] men are created equal”. Only many-many years later they included women and just recently other races to the definition. Now the life is beautiful. But soon all those nice white men will become minority. Will they keep the rules of the game? First, just assume, that they will. Major issue in this case is the cultural and financial level of the potential majority. It is not question of preferences or good or poor judgment. It is just question of the demographic changes, birth rates, prices of education and medicine. This means that discrepancy between white minority and remaining majority will grow by definition. The current trend of the big business just to keep management and top service in US and outsource all other work but receiving the money helps to speed up this process. Majority from the other side would like to have profit sharing. It just will take some time when they able to create, promote and vote for the new leader. The one who tell them, what they want to hear. And then put it in the law and everyday practice. If you think that elected officials are too smart for that, please don’t forget that most important task for them is being elected, not being smart. This vision of the future is not too negative. The one of the common definitions of democracy is “majority rules”. “Minority Rights” can be easily changed to Lefts – just look from other point of view. So in this scenario approximately in 2070 descendants of the Founding Fathers will completely loose their leadership.Based on this assessment current white majority clearly understands that some actions should be taken to stop and reverse the process, if they would like to pass the power to their children and grandchildren. They realized or will realize soon, that there is the only one realistic and peaceful option. Switch from democracy to aristocracy while keeping very significant rights of the regular people. Social Elite in this case may be defined mostly by the income and may include very significant (20-30%) part of the society. This process can be started by repealing twenty–fourth Amendment. It will put back income tax requirements for the people who able to vote and being elected. Later limitations and laws will enforce status of the elite. Interestingly enough it will not cause big political problem, as you may expect. For the most people there are more important things in life then making wrong decisions about their next senators or president. This is in assumption that government can still keep the big level of personal freedom and reasonable prosperity. See China remarks above. Europe will go very similar way. But their definition of aristocracy will be more national and more monarchical. It is more natural, stable and cost effective to have social hierarchy with King on the top of it. Or Queen, if you prefer. Each single historic experiment with democracy ended relatively fast. But kingdoms existed for thousand years. Don’t think that we are going ‘Back to the Future’. Who will remember names of today leaders in one hundred years? Almost none. But many will still remember, who were Solomon, Elizabeth I or Catherine II. Caesar was good as well, but dictatorship tends to eliminate all people with equal to dictator potentials. Otherwise they may loose the power. And life. Kingdom gives to its sovereign very important ability – to have long-term thinking, responsibility not for abstract people – but at least for the country and his or her own children and grandchildren. Yes, some rulers will prefer pleasure to the hard work. But it is still better chance to keep civilization moving, than ‘billions opinions count’ nonsense. So Europe, including Russia will switch to ‘limited voting’ version of Constitutional Monarchy. Purpose of constitution will be to grant very reasonable personal and financial freedoms to regular people and preserve status of the elite. And those with skills will always have chance to update their status.Please understand the major difference between word “freedoms” and reality. There is no freedom of speech, if you have to say, “My children are hungry.” There is no freedom to vote, if your choices included only those who can spend at least your 400 (four hundred) yearly salaries for advertising. There is no protection for you, if government does not applied “equal legal protection” for non-citizens. You don’t need voting and democracy to fill yourself healthy, happy and respected part of society. You just need government that don’t push you too hard, don’t tax you too much, but still available when you need it. Its naming is not even secondary.

Few words about future terminology. Unlike Europe, US will still claim to be democratic country. Where just not all citizens will have ‘political responsibility’. We think that the good name for the elite – senior citizens. It is already in use, so it will be easier to accept. You can imagine all jokes in the period of the transition.

Flower for the tomb of Technical Progress

August 17, 2007

            We loved him very much; we believe in him whole our life; we thought he is still young in heart and will be with us many years to come. And now he is dead. Someone said that he was dead already about 40 years – we just did not pay attention. How it may happen?

     We think that most common question now is “What are you talking about?” It is very good question indeed. What is the Technical Progress?  We have to look back to answer it. Fire and the wheel drastically enhanced ability of human being. But stove can’t be considered as progress. While more convenient, it did not bring any big new idea. Microwave oven did, because it based on new concept. It was invented in 1946. Velocipede, the father of bicycle, was invention not because had two wheels (it actually had three), but because was efficiently using human power.We define technical progress, as implementation of new idea, which freely accepted by many human beings as a much better way to think and live. As usual definition is our weakest link. But at least tax increases and wars are excluded, because are not new and not freely accepted.

            We’ll start our discussion from the travel. Combinations – horse and wheels, as well as boat and sail existed for whole known history. We consider that putting little more or less horses or wheels are not significant improvements. It applies as well to the modification of the cart or carriage. This means that for many thousand years the ways of travel did not changed. In 18th century steam engine made huge difference. New types of engines followed and train and car become parts of the life in the beginning and in the end of 19th century. 20th century gave us planes and space travels. The most advanced and powerful engine now runs on atomic energy. But the last real changes had been done not later than in 1960’s. Until that time when previous mass travel vehicle reached its highest level, the next one have been born and in 10-20 years become from new and exotic to the boringly common. When planes achieved their status as most fast and convenient way to travel with Boeing 747 and European Concorde, space travel started. In July 1969 only 8 years after first manned mission to space, Armstrong made “one giant leap for mankind”. In that time everybody believed that in the end of century moon would become very romantic place for honeymooners – right on track by definition, expensive, not very crowded and with some gravitational help for the hands of groom. From this prediction only ‘not very crowded’ is true. We are still on Earth and trip from Los Angeles to Sydney is about 14 hours. This is our real Space Odyssey 2010 not Jupiter or Saturn Mission. Where are all those beautiful stratoplanes and spacegliders? Instead Boeing is building Dreamliner: it will use 20 percent less fuel. How exciting these dreams are!

             With fuel in mind it is easy to switch to discussion of the use of atomic energy. In mid of 1960’s scientists promised that soon nuclear fusion will give us power for everyday need. The desparate housewives started preparing money for the new H-oven. Your friend would be jealous to hear, that your Ford Nucleon uses only one glass of heavy water for 10,000 miles. Who would not, if still driving gasoline car? It is so archaic, so first half of 20th century. And the price of gasoline… May be based on those scientific promises in US last order for a nuclear power plant was in 1970s’. Now they will start build them again. Do you know how long it took from creation of A-bomb to the first nuclear power plant to produce electricity? Only 9 years. What did we achieve energy wise for the triple of that time? So if you still obsessed with progress, better don’t sing: ‘I believe I can fly, fusion power helps me touch the sky’. This song is at least 40 years old and still is only a dream.

            Now is time of the dessert. Internet, iPod and the cell phones in our life. You may think that finally we got some clear signs of the progress. You already have a bad phone that makes bad pictures, but very good music. You will have good phone that works as Web-Cam, makes video, pays your bills, plays Halo 8, linked to your driver license. And one Goo-goo Nest (or better to say Tube?) in your home will transfer all today information to your Googlibrary. Now all your life in this device and saved forever. What else?  In the comedy “Blast from the Past” the main character was born in 1962 and did not see outside world until 1997. He excited to watch TV “in color” and impressed by computer in home. This is the only ‘drastic changes’ creators of the movie can find for the last 40 years. He also was happy to see the sky and girls, which is more understandable for person spent 35 years underground. But be reasonable. Even if you love new iToy, which also ‘in color”, do not consider it as a progress. It is just miniaturization of the computer processors and smart packaging.

            Now we come to the serious part. What can we expect from the future? There are two possibilities. First – current situation is very temporary, same as physics stability just before the beginning of the 20th century’s discoveries. Second – this is stagnation of the human mind after previous technical renaissance. See previous post ‘All continents are created equal?” for potential reasons. What prevented our civilization from inventing and using machinery for all previous thousands years? Nothing, except brainpower. The size of Roman Empire had been big enough to appreciate the quick transportation and airmail. They just didn’t get it. Something just did not turn right in their brains. Now – it stopped clicking in ours. As usual, there are no scientific explanations in the next statement. But looks like human reached its capacity not just to create, but also to handle and manage result of its own creations. We don’t think that we’re going back to Stone Age, but we’re not going to the Stars either. We should stop to expect much brighter technological future.

        We’re wishing sweet dreams for those, who disagree.

All continents are not created equal.

July 31, 2007

      Part 2.  Be aware of the advantages and risk of living there.

Before we start answering the questions from part one, few words, why it makes sense to ask them. People learned more and more about physical word, using science produced tools. Data become basis for explanations. As a result differences in the people mentality were seen from very materialistic and simplistic points of view: quality and quantity of available food, in best case – weather averages and sun radiation. But most of them as well as education have very small correlation with style of life or moral values. Another common way to camouflage inconsistencies is using word ‘Traditions’. Special behaviors are the results of the differences, not the source of them. Proclamation of the complete equality of human being is another big stop sign for the study what yet unknown factors may contribute for the differences. The place on Earth, where you live, is one of them.

            In short – different regions on Earth have significant effect on the population of human who live there. It is cumulative and lead to the modification of the behaviors, priorities, mental health and ability of learning of the inhabitants in few hundred years.

Continents clearly have their set of preferences. And step-by-step, population-by-population they set those preferences for newcomers. All parameters that can be measured by today science may be very close or even the same, but in few populations the differences in lifestyle will be clearly seen.

We think that ‘continent assimilation’ is the good term for the process.

            We cannot answer the question – what of the nature of this process or how long it takes for completion of it – may be about 500 years. But logic shows that some places are ‘good’ for living – for curiosity, for creativity, for frequent (at least for every few hundred years) changes, but some places are not. Each continent or country have something different from others – sometimes people think that is cliché, like Paris as center of love or Russia – place to be drunk. But it is true. The each region on Earth has its own characteristics. Only definitions make some of them good and some bad. Australia and America, for example, tend to make human being more conformist and less wishing to change status quo. And we should say more nature loving and less smart. When you creating examples why it is not true, please remember that we are talking about countries with huge out of continent immigration. We don’t have any doubts that if departments of education will compare averages IQ of naturally born citizens collected during the long time, they will see the difference.

Now we look on the problem from different angle – levels of hierarchy. Current civilization required very complicated multilevel hierarchies. From this point of view we can say that some places are allowed people who live there to create them, some – not. Human hierarchies demanded from almost every level element not just to be a ruler for all levels below, but also obey and follow it’s own higher authorities. So it needed two contradictive human qualities: being leader and follower in the same time. By making one of them more or less efficient anyone is adding additional instability to the whole pyramid. For current civilization it is vital to have ability to keep this two qualities comparable. But some continents are setting preferences to only one. If any of those qualities become prevailing, the multilevel hierarchy cannot be built. Australia or America are the examples with lack of leadership, while Africa except its northern part has leadership as prevailing quality. As a result its inhabitants for those three continents never created any big civilization.

While it will take very long time until the reasons for ‘continent assimilation’ will be found, the simple statistics will show significance of the processes, which will cause ‘reverse migration’ to Europe, especially to the Mediterranean Sea countries, and southern part of Asia, which by its nature allows the most stable hierarchical structures.

In the end let’s us say just few words about ‘Pole of life’. This term means fluctuating region of the Earth, which is most advanced for mental health and skills of human beings. By putting on the Earth map by time the most intellectual and energetic place we can found it and may be predict its movement. By its migration can be explained the paradox of Genghis Khan and period of Maya in the American history.

All continents are created equal?

July 30, 2007

      Part 1. Some facts and questions to ask.


The purpose of this posting is to discuss how the regions of Earth, where you live, affect you and the following generations of your ancestors. Before we start discussion, we should agree on definition of Civilization. As usual, our definition is just preference of our way of life. So Civilization is the big cities, complicated rules and hierarchies, money and central government. We will follow this description without giving a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ mark. Using it we can say, that in Ancient World all civilizations had only two centers: one is in the Middle East and around Mediterranean Sea and another around China and India. The first question is why for many thousand years there were no any other centers of civilization while human being had been living almost everywhere else? Another question is about the issue of expansion. While any civilization in the first center tries to capture more space and dominate over other countries, the all in the second one – were very limited in their borders. What caused the difference between them?

Now let’s talk about modern – last two thousand years – history. Why Europe and countries closed to Mediterranean Sea still took huge portion of all excitements? Again we are talking about explorations, wars, creation of Empires and loosing them. One known exception is Genghis Khan (spelling from Wikipedia). But otherwise – we see the same pattern. So what caused most of the people in Africa, Australia and America live the same lifes for many thousands years without smallest changes?Australia is the most original (literally) continent. I am using this term not in the ‘uniqueness’, but in ‘all apliances are original’ sense. The are no changes even in flora and fauna for all those years. Do you think that this fact has any importance for the future society? And finally about big cities. Why they are not in ten, twenty or more miles away?All explanation about conveniency of the place does not tell the complete story. One example – according to history Dutch bought island Manhattan very cheap, but sellers sold something that not belong to them anyway. I almost don’t have any doubts that it happened very close to the place that now known as Wall Street. Do you think that one of the greatest financial centers in the world coincidently started from trade very profitable for both sides? Or may be this place naturally good for business.

Time travel? It is easy. Part 3. The answers. Not to be excited.

May 31, 2007

Time travel to the past means completed reversal of all events that happened in the entire Universe since that period to the current one. While it sounds impossible to accomplish, the second postulate states that there is no energy or other resources required to do this. You can assume for simplicity that anyone can just wish for it and time immediately (absolutely wrong term – there is no any time constraints) will be reversed to the point requested, even when you or any human did not exist. This also assumes that all events in Universe are predetermined in the sense that absolutely the same sequence will be repeated to the your birth, which in some ways most important event – at least for you and then by you until current time. In reality ‘repeated’ is the bad word – it was the same sequence. Paradox that you may see right away is what happens to the next second? If time reversed again – which is true, how the next second comes? The answer is easy – so what? Current Physic deals with multiple paradoxes precisely like that – it just register it – giving them status ‘Law of Nature.”  To make you fill better please try to understand that reversal of time does not happened after this moment, it happened before, so next second is still valid.

If you still think that you learning anything, there is more info to come.

Travel to the future together with Universe is easy. You’re doing it right now. But going faster does required a lot of energy, because according to Einstein is equivalent to traveling with speed close to speed of light. Meanwhile speed of light in vacuum itself considers a constant related to structure and configuration of Universe. It is some possibility that while constant it is related to current status – I believe, to the place of measurement too- of Universe and may change insignificantly in few million years. Now we have to say that all time travel and even more – time itself are limited to existence of Universe from it’s beginning Big Bang to the future collapse. But our Universe is not unique. Just consider many other Big Bangs. And, sorry for repeating it, because time makes sense and limits inside of each of Universes only, one can say that all of those Universes exist both consecutively and simultaneously. And both are incorrect, because indirectly using same time frame. Interestingly enough each of them has their own speed of light, which may be differ significantly. And you can travel – sorry, this is not advertising – from one of them to another using, for example, black wholes. Than we have all Universes time mapping. The postulate say that all times between all Universes mapped – linked the way that you cannot create any closed travel sequence that returned you to the past. But you can theoretically travel from one Universe to another one, spend few days, return to original and see the world few centuries later. Vise versa you may return home after few decades and see your young friends still reading this site. It still to be determined if this time travel or its equivalent should follow Albert Einstein rules. It may not follow, because Einstein described our Universe only – only one which has Milky Way, Sun, Earth and as said, most important – you, my reader.

Time travel? It is easy. Part 2. What is Einstein’s method?

May 30, 2007

If you don’t know, who is Albert Einstein there is no need to continue. If you do, you may know that he did not received Nobel Price for his Theory of Relativity, more precise for none of them. With very small simplifications – first of them stated that the speed of light is always constant, and second – there is no difference between gravitation and uniform acceleration. So instead of spending time trying to answer why this happened, he just took it as basic assumptions. You don’t need to know, why TV and remote work to use them. This comparison does not discount Einstein’s genius, which made great discoveries from those sound easy postulates. It shows that sometimes having a simple, consistent to the facts axioms works better than efforts to solve problem directly.

Time travel? It is easy. Part 1. Questions to ask.

May 18, 2007

                    The best working formula in any type of business for the lazy person is to ask the questions instead of doing anything. Make any statement, for example, “The sky is blue.” And immediately you must have to specify, is it day or night, Earth or Mars, with glasses or without and are you talking about human beings or snakes. You can continue this list. But trying to specify all your assumptions before any statement will lead to infinity, because than you have to talk about clarification of assumptions and so on. To avoid it just lets make it simple – additional question should be reasonable only when it really clarify the subject. And lets accept as the proof the simplest explanation that does not contradict the facts. As I promised it is already boring, so thank you, if you are still reading.

       Following the formula myslef, instead of starting explaining what is the time travel, I will be the first one to ask questions:

 a.     Time travel means only time or space as well?

 b.     If you’re moving in the moment starting of your time travel, will you continue moving?

c.     When you going to the past, is it valid question to ask – how long it will take?

d.     What is difference between definition of the past and the future?e.      Will you have two or more instances of yourself in the same time?

f.      Will you make the same decision in the same circumstances? 

Now I put pressure from myself to you, my reader, if any. So it is my responsibility to give you some small help and much more problems. Assume that you are in the plane in the start time of your time travel. You moved 5 minutes to the past or to the future. Will you be still inside of the plane, means in very different place with different speed or diving from the sky in the same place? If you select second answer, what difference makes that you moved to the past. The next step is to understand that you’re always in very fast and crazy movement by Earth, Sun, Galaxy and so on. Now rethink A and B.

Let say, some process will take two minutes. You want it or not, it means that you existed, lived, become older for those two minutes. When you travel during two minutes to the past – are you travel to the future, if you become older? What is your memory on the chemical and biological level point of view? How it is affected by moving to the past?

What is the same time? If you and your other instance have any differences, can the time be the same? The most important issue and challenge here is to understand that the same means the same. There should not be any one atom, quant of energy or whatever you can name it difference.

In the end I should say that process of time travel must and will have clear answers to all those and any additional reasonable questions.

Accept the Universe – General Concept

May 16, 2007

 Dear Reader. This is not a blog in common sense, because:

a.       I am not planning to post new pages often.

b.      The content will be too boring to read and will require heavy independent thinking.

The purpose of this “blog” is to give you some alternative and challenging views for many very important or interesting subjects of life. For example, why democracy and progress are myths of the 20th century? Or why to live in America or Australia is potentially brain damaging for the long run? Or what was real purpose of 10 plagues in Egypt?

The title – “Accept Universe” has two meanings:

  1. Universe is much more complicated, simple and surprising that the smartest of people can even imagine. Don’t limit your knowledge or brainpower by you as center of everything. Accept that comparing you to the dust is a very big compliment. As said in ‘Total Recall’: “Open your mind.” Stop being limited by the dogmas.
  2.  Consider the Universe as the huge personal present for you. All you have to do is just to accept it. And all complexity and beauty of universe become accessible to you. May be not in this very moment, only few molecules at the time, but it will step by step.

So let’s do it together. Just let’s be respectful to each other. Be careful in defining and understanding what is the real argument and what is not. For example consider out of space aliens and goats. Most of us watched them only on TV. There are some people that told us that they saw them in real life. None of it can be considered as a proof of existence, if we will have theoretical discussion.

      For subject of the first posting I selected “Time Travel”. It is not a joke or science fiction. You will see all methodology used for the future posting. As a result you should understand the nature of time travel to the future or to the past, but it will not make you happy. Well known, that you have to understand the answer to ask a right question.